Texas Paul REACTS to Lauren Boebert confusing the Bible with Chinese food

In Lauren Boebert’s most recent act of extreme stupidity, the Ultra MAGA Radical Right Republican Congresswomen can be seen foolishly wondering what “Wonton Murder” is as she misreads the real word that is Wanton Murder. Meidas Contributor Texas Paul reacts to her stupidity.

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What do you think?


  1. For Repubs "serving the people" means that she owns the libs in congress for them…they have nothing else to b about.

  2. America is supposed to have freedom of religion, not state-sponsored religion. Whenever a politician starts citing the bible they need to go that is not what we are about.

  3. Don't tell people to "vote like we're 50 points behind in the polls." If people did that, nobody would show up.

  4. Even if you think you are registered check again. I have seen some folks in Texas say they were registered and now for some reason they are not.

  5. The problem is also that the uneducated and uninformed MAGAnuts vote in some Republicans who are smart and cunning enough to be dangerously devious, immoral, malicious and unethical. (Guess that’s enough adjectives.) I’d be much happier not being aware any of this mess!

  6. Her ignorance would be funny if this wasn’t such a serious matter. This person can propose new laws & regulations while also voting on bills they affect our lives & livelihoods. 2022 needs to be a #BlueAvalanche

  7. How does someone with only a GED get elected? She has to be the most ignorant person in public office. She makes Trump seem intelligent.

  8. There should be a minimum intelligence qualification in order to serve in Congress because clearly the electoral populace has no minimum intellectual requirement. It's the same undereducated electorate that falls for these clearly almost undereducated representatives.

  9. wanton: sexually unrestrained, playful, unprovoked or malicious, recklessly ignoring justice decency, wanton person, sexually unrestrained woman.

  10. The FBI knocked on my door last night after finishing my Chinese dinner. I was literally cuffed and stuffed for, you guessed it, wonton killing. And I fully admit it, I killed them, like the wonton killing boss that I am.

  11. Waiting to hear what you thought about Trump in Ohio when twice he mentioned about how he swum. What an asshole.

  12. The framers of the Constitution were educated men. Full of dreadful faults, but educated. I do not think it ever crossed their minds that we might someday scour taverns & the low places of iniquity for fishwives & peddlers to elect.

  13. These people are absolutely, physically incapable of admitting to making a mistake of any type — misspeaking or hitching their wagons to a traitor. They are never subject to being corrected.

  14. Hey h.s. dropout/GED lauren, would you understand "wanton" better if we use "DEBAUCHERY" instead? Probably not, & there's no cure to stupid. ???

  15. It’s usually a really good idea to use a dictionary when you don’t know a word. Maybe you banned it or maybe you don’t know how to use one, but if your town still has a library the very nice staff there will help you find it and USE it. ???????

  16. Trump taught RNC that all this meanness is acceptable. He's NOT okay, never was, never will be. He's a Sociopath, like the first time we all saw Hannibal Lecter on screen. Institutional norms will take a long time to recover?Being just a nobody, the Classified Documents got me almost as upset as January 6. Couda been Worse LLC ads are good too. Sweet Biden finally saw the truth in low life (Hard R's). Live will win?, eventually.?

  17. Texas Paul hit the bullseye on this taget? wish the whole Country, and world for that matter could hear him everyday! Life and death, not a game, the Queen would be proud today???

  18. Fortunately/unfortunately she is the representative in my district. Which means I have the opportunity to try to help get her voted out. But I'm also so embarrassed she is there to begin with. I'm saddened to see her obnoxious huge billboards littering our local highways. The only thing they seem to tout is "freedom" which she obviously knows nothing about in relation to our Country and Constitution. I'd love to hear her recite the Pledge of Allegiance then explain the part about Liberty and Justice for ALL.

  19. The movement behind her and those like here are relateability with her constituents. It's a failure of our education system. They're just gullible and those that are delusional too run for office.