Teach you a new way of making dumpling wrappers, no dumplings or pancakes, simple to make, children love to eat at the table[Baiwei Chef]

Hello everyone, this is Baiwei chef. Every time you eat dumplings, there will always be a lot of dumpling skins. Today, I will use dumpling skins to share with you a very delicious food. Ingredients that need to be prepared: dumpling skins, red dates, raisins, sugar, honey . Teach you a new way of dumpling skin, no dumplings or pancakes, simple to make, and the children love it when it comes to the table[百味厨娘]#餃子皮法#DIY小零食#沙琪玛Several languages ​​have been added to the video. Choose the video language you need! The joy of food has nothing to do with time; spending 4 hours to make a big meal and 4 minutes to wait for a bowl of delicious noodles are equally delightful! Baiwei chef, a little daughter-in-law who likes food and cooking, will show you the tastes of life! Friends, welcome to my gourmet world! Ding Dong![Https://]#百味厨娘#美食途#Cooking skills.

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