Taste of Chengdu! My Favourite Chinese Food In Chengdu, China.

Chengdu, There are restaurants and street vendors serving mouth-wateringly delicious dishes and snacks on pretty much every street. It really is a place where food is taken seriously and done well. .

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  1. Healthy food : ) Looks so yummy : ) Great spices : )
    Excellent video and music my friend : ) Full view : )
    Thank you for sharing this amazing video : )

  2. Ummm all the food in Chendu look soo yummy… Very colourful and delicious I understand…..^.^ BIG Like 34 from me my friend….!

  3. Spicy food.. Looks so delicious..Am I the only one who is laying in there bed and starving to eat that?

  4. Thoes foods are looks sooo spicy and delicious😋😋😋
    want to try them oneday.
    nice share☺

  5. Many food you have been eating is filled with spicies and chili oil. Superb!!I think spicy is their favorite flavor 🍝🍽 Im hungry now!

  6. 25 like
    How are you my friend
    Nice cook, your cooking is great.
    It's excellent. It looks delicious. My eyes are happy.

  7. it looks so tasty and delicious. I enjoyed watching to the end and loved it. thank you.

    have a nice day

  8. Great food. New friend here. I already joined your house. Hope you can visit mine. Thank you.

  9. love it!!!! It makes me excited to travel and try everything…. Food is awesome!!!🥰🥰
    Looks super yummy!!!!

  10. I am so glad I just finished my yummy dinner before I started watching your video!

  11. Beautiful, I like it when the national architecture is combined with the ultramodern.
    And of course, Chinese food is excellent!