Super practical spinach and cheese tortellini recipe, tender, juicy and powerful, everyone quickly learn Ravioli Recipe

The Italian dumpling skin is very strong and elastic. I feel that the dumpling skin and noodles are better to master than Chinese dumplings. This time I will share the spinach and cheese filling method. The rich cheese/cheese flavor with refreshing spinach makes it feel like China Another version of the chive egg dumplings. Italian dumplings are rarely made into dumplings, so I finally shared the most common dumpling practices in Italy, hoping to bring you a new taste of dumplings. Watch other videos Watch other videos: Fresh Truffle Pasta- Italian Roasted Pork Belly- Italian Aranchini- One-Pot Mushroom Pasta- Pizza- Tomato Cheese Salad- How to Make Potato Pasta- Recipe[Free]-Please check the website: Recipe in ENGLISH [FOR FREE]: Instagram Hu’s’Riding in Austria: Instagram Hu’s’Riding: YouTube Hu’s’Riding: Amazon Affiliate Links (US, CA, EU & JP): Ravioli Tool (plastic, different sizes)- Ravioli Tools & Knife (Metal stamp, different sizes)- Ravioli Form- Rolling Pin- Le Creuset Matt Black 26 cm- WMF Ceramic non-stick Pan-https://amzn. to/32AXQOg Riess Stieltopf Emaille- Riess Casserole Rund Emaille- My Amazon Recommendation My Amazon Recommendation Page (Associate Page, US ONLY!): All video and music are from All my MUSIC: Notice: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– – The videos I made are free to watch, but if you want to support me, you can find me on Patreon: Dear viewers, followers and fans. You are the reason I am here creating these videos. To keep doing what I love, share my passion and my knowledge about food with you and do all that for free, I rely on sponsors and supporters. If you wish to fund my work and content please find me on Patreon: Special thanks to my Patreon supporter(s): Vikki Chan, Howard, Allison Pan, Peggy Wong, wwwww zhu, Lin Wu, hongyi Liu, Franklin Sit, Ling Yi Chen, Tao Xiang Wang, Daven Chen, Ben y, Anson Tang, Huibai, Color Rita, Ian Fleming, IanShow15 ——————————- ————————————————– ————————————————– ——————— #餃子#意面#Italian dumplings.

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  1. 很多觉得西餐不好吃的亚洲朋友,都非常喜欢吃意大利面Pasta,意大利的饺子也归为意大利面的一种,算是带馅的意大利面Stuffed pasta。我觉得这个意大利饺子是非常符合亚洲人口味的,咸香中又带有芝士黄油的香味味,简直好吃的停不下来!意大利饺子有牛肉馅、芝士馅、蘑菇馅、菠菜馅和南瓜馅等等,每种馅都很美味,也想问问你们最喜欢什么馅的饺子呢?

  2. 第三种做法,皮的两个角不对折,那么就是我们中国饺子了,其实和第二种模具做出来的样子差不多!

  3. 🤩🤩 I could have a camera in your kitchen and watch you cook al the time. You should add your recipes to Khal,com you will get a lot of cooking lovers there

  4. 分享给大家一个技巧,你可以肉装入zipper bag , 下面剪一个小口,然后挤出来,方便快捷而且均匀

  5. 奥利地贼犯我大汉者,虽远必诛。

  6. 圆的那个饺子叫“ravioli capresi”或者 ‘Capresi’,是源自卡布里岛上的一种小饺子。

  7. 今天有六个嗯,看来真的特别好吃。我要试试看。后来的黄油好大一块而且是不是火有点大了,感觉颜色有点糊糊的呀!

  8. Spinach stuffed cheese butter is my favorite. Thanks for the video, I can do it myself now.

  9. 在法国住的那些年,冰箱里少不了这些冷冻意大利“饺子”,几乎代替了中式饺子地位。