Stir Fry "Chicken in Black Bean Sauce"- Chinese restaurant style

-chicken (white meat and/or dark meat)
-black beans (from any chinese grocery store)
-chicken bouillon
-corn starch
-green pepper
-green bell pepper

Edited and recorded by Pristine!

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  1. Video is speeded up during very important vegetable chopping process. This portion of video is raced through as though this were a competition with no respect for viewers who are trying to follow.

  2. Crissa,
    I preferred the flat bottom wok that I am using in my video.  The round bottom woks will require a special adopter ring and this is just too much trouble.  Fortunately flat bottom woks are available in many retail stores in the US (Walmart, Target, World Market, and also Asian grocery stores.,,,).  Also try to stay with either carbon steel or stainless steel when purchasing your wok.  Do not get those Teflon non-stick woks.

  3. Thank you for the great video and tips for cutting up chicken. If you're taking video request, I'd like to learn how to cook kung pao chicken. I also have a gas stove, which is best to use, flat bottom or round?

  4. Hi Eddie
    Any Recommendations for a Wok Manufacturer/Model. I have a "glass top" style stove.
    Also what would you substitute for peanut oil. We have nut allergies.

  5. Great to see the process from start to finish, thank you very much for the video. =)

    One thing that's been bothering me though: I know I need to get the wok and the oil HOT (smoking fiendishly), but what about after that? Do I keep going full blast all the way through the process, or turn it down a bit at some point? The wok cookers in restaurants tend to be veritable infernos, so I'm leaning towards needing to use high heat all the way through.