SPICY HOTPOT review (wang wang) Chinese restaurant | Anum Panjwani | Aly Zain

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!!

    Looking so beautiful and attractive personilty

  2. Very true lakin humari public ka issue ye bhi hai kuch media celebrities kahin kuch kha len video daal dein humari mostly awam us chakar main jati hai mostly jaga paisa waste kerne wali baat hai

  3. You didn't even cook your noodles properly .. i think you should gather some info about hotpot first .. and than you have to try ..

  4. wo positive reviews paid hoty hain jese aimen n muneeb other actors ne diey mjy tou dekh k he ajeeb lg rha hai 😄

  5. Hahahaha Golu Chef jab Ap banarahi Thi Hasi Nhi Rukrhi Thi Meri..😂😂 Aalu Gosht Me Noddles Milakar..😄

  6. Heyy! Good job mate.
    Finally some girl in Pakistan is exploring food. More power to you. Please keep on doing this and best of luck!

  7. Hum ne b yhi kea tha bhuke ae the or mae ne ghr p a k apne husband or mae ne ghr ka khana khaya

  8. Noy good yr pait b nhi bhrta .or do bundo k 8000 tk bnte ha. Yh log bilkul theek keh rahe ha .mae khud b gae thi bilkul waste of money ha.

  9. Sb Sy phly noodles add krti phr dusri cheezien nd thn unko pkien around 7 mints thn bilkul perfect bnta

  10. The main thing for hotpot is that you don't get chicken for it and you get beef as first priority for hotpot or mutton but chicken is a big no no And you dont over crowd your hotpot dumplings an noodles fo in the end and dont vreak noodles get potatoes for sure and try again add meet potato and mushrooms first and noodles and dumplings in the end 8

  11. bhttttt achaaa channel haiii and bhttt achi videosss specialy jo fianceee k 7 hoyi h nd ap dono ke cute fights wali fun full videos r best❤❤❤❤keep growing piyaariii love ur channel💗💗💗💗💗

  12. anam i'm here to send ur way lots of loveeeeee as its ur new channel and Apki Wang wang restaurant video se e apka channel mje mila😍😍 and maine aj ap k poraaaayy channel ke videos dkhi nd loveddddddd u❤❤❤❤