Soup Dumplings Making Skills / Absolutely delicious! Xiaolong Tangbao, Steamed Dumpling Making Skills-Taiwanese Street Food

Soup Dumplings Making Skills / 絕對的美味! 小籠湯包,蒸餃製作技能 – Taiwanese Street Food
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**Location information**
Soup Dumplings $2.83 USD
Steamed Dumplings $2.83 USD

I’ll share what I’ve seen and tasted with you, such as street food,fried rice,seafood,night market,cooking skills,asian food,chinese food and so on.
Look forward to bringing you the feast for the senses of palates through every video clip.

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  1. I lovevtaiwan dumplings 💕💕
    It was new world to me when I ate first time 🥰🥰

  2. It is a shame we cannot import them they look so yummy. I love this sort o food it is all I feel like eating.

  3. 吃過幾次好吃👍👍 彰化的秀水湯包人氣也是很高可以去吃看看😋😋

  4. 拍得很用心,谢谢。如果有地址,更好,等疫情过去,食客可以按图索骥,去品尝台湾各地的美食。

  5. 身為嘉義人,看到自己的愛店被介紹,真是憂喜參半

  6. 老闆超細心3點就起來備料,凱特更辛苦拍片給大家分享美食,謝謝凱特分享,看完想吃消夜。

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