Slice Shabu Hot Pot Eating Challenge ft. CupofTJ | RainaisCrazy | Huntington Beach, CA

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Cup of TJ:

Slice Shabu:

16871 Beach Blvd
Huntington Beach, California 92647

The “Hangry Sumo” Challenge:
Time Limit: 35 Minutes
* 3lbs of Beef
* 1lb of Chicken
* 1lb of Noodles
* Rice, Veggies
* Order of Chicken Karage
* Ice Cream

Thank you Slice Shabu for this delicious meal! Definitely a challenge to have to wait for all the meat to cook! I loved the quality of the fatty beef; they have different locations, come check them out!

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What do you think?


  1. Oh my goodness I’m so sorry I could not finish ?? but thank you Raina for letting me experience my first food challenge with you! You are an absolute beast and a true Wonder Woman ?

  2. Have never tried this and now want to get my own pot. You make it look so good & fun. The restaurants you try are very eye pleasing. Love to watch you. Keep it up, girl.

  3. I straight up know that I can not take that on. But I'll have a delicious time trying. I would go to food challenges in some form of stretchy pants. Frozen ice cream! Say what?! Good job!

  4. What a treasure I just found ! Two of my favorite youtubers in same video ! Y’all should do this again…. come visit me in texas

  5. I definitely believe that I could not do this challenge. That’s why I watch all your videos. Rock on girl.

  6. Maybe they should rewrite the rules of this challenge. The time it takes to properly cook the chicken ? is a good chunk of the time limit. I’d get very frustrated doing this. Great job thought, you rocked it!

  7. Hello I got to be honest I don’t understand this if you wanted to cook you could’ve stayed home you’re paying someone so you can cook your own food and I really don’t understand cooking meat in water and then vegetables in the same water there’s got to be a certain amount of grease there anyway you guys are beautiful and good luck

  8. There should be a "Who can sleep in bed with Raina after a challenge challenge". – (Sponsored by Beano of course).

  9. Raina what you stated is 100% right , you should have been allowed to start cooking the chicken at least 5 mins before the challenge started , Who wants food poisoning,Also very good partner but your the best,much respect and love from the UK.

  10. question…how many days do u not eat in order to consume all that? asking for myself caz this looks awesome!

  11. Ok that last minute frozen ice cream addition from slice was shady! Good job tho 🙂 u kicked this challenge butt !