Simple Minced Pork Rice that is Awesome l

Masterchef John Zhang shows you simple minced pork over rice (滷肉飯/魯肉飯) recipe with step by step instruction. The pork is Super Juicy and Tender!

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Minced pork rice, also known as Lu Rou Fan or Braised Pork over rice, is a Chinese rice dish that is commonly seen throughout Taiwan and Southern Fujian. Chef John uses pork belly for creating extra juicy mouthfeel.

This stew like meat sauce dish is extremely popular and can be found anywhere in Taiwan from mom’s kitchen, to night market street food vendors, to upscale restaurants.

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  2. never imagined..even in my dream of a sweet pork! After tasting sweet pork I have to slice of my tongue?
    Better I'll have chocolate instead of sweet ?pork
    What a ?

  3. All these recipes look simple, but they’re impossible to do at home. No one has a stove that can get that hot, and you absolutely need that for these to come out properly.

  4. It looks delicious but every time you make it you pretty much have to invade the Middle East for enough oil to use.

  5. So there are 3 kinds of wine here.. cooking wine, rice wine and shaoxing rice wine.. could you please tell me the difference?