SIGNATURE DISH Cooking Challenge | Soup Dumplings from Din Tai Fung!! SORTEDfood

Today, our normals, Jamie and Barry, are challenged to make Din Tai Fung’s world famous soup dumplings! Has our Chef pushed them too far this time? Watch to find out!

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#SoupDumplings .

What do you think?


  1. Since the sorted team is pretty savvy about food waste, I would like to see some sort of offal challenge; using as much of an animal as possible and decreasing stigma on what are usually highly nutritious, cheap cuts of meat that can be used instead of discarded.

  2. I like that ben mentioned that the people who make these for a job do hundreds a day so the normals really just cant compare in terms of speed and efficiency because those are just things that come with time,
    Source I make sandwiches in a jimmy johns and we are required to make the sandwich (including slicing bread mayo veggies meats wrapping and labeling) and in 30s which in your first 4 months just seems unattainable but I make them in 22s-25s on average and 2 of our older guys can supposedly push 19s on their best days

    Edit: to note we arnt actually timed or anything we just get raises if we hit certain checkmarks like 45s 30s 25s(which if an employee thinks they are hitting those times they ask a manager to time them both for the raise and because we are all competitive ) and because of how busy we are we try our best to be fast for our own benefit

  3. Not the water burning, but the smell of the hot metal is extremely unpleasant and what creates the burning smell.

  4. "Closely held secret"….?…?????!!!!
    I grew up and live in Taiwan. Xiao Long Bao is a general munchy you can buy off the back of a truck for breakfast. Have known the general method for years; as I was watching the beginning of this just now my Cantonese mom walks past the couch and says "They need to use cold pork fat", but soup works too. Also Jamie is correct, you need to combine the soup with the mince, but don't show the food processor to a professional, you will get the Uncle roger Hai-yah. Here they're also made smaller and meant to be eaten in one bite so you're not splashing around too much (ahem) (yes, I shamelessly admit to a mild "someone please take pity on the poor forigners" moment).

  5. You cannot burn water. Water boils and turns into a vapor/gas, and cannot be burned. We can extract salts and other minerals IN water by boiling it to evaporate. A lot of time if you smell burning, it's your element, the pot itself, or the cleaning agent you used on said pot/pan. So no, Jamie, we appreciate you, but no.

  6. You can burn water by converting it to hydrogen and oxygen….but when it burns it turns back into water.

  7. Yes, since you can burn the pan water is in, the water will absorbed the bunt flavor of the pan thereby making "burnt" water instead of boiled water

  8. You can't burn water, but you can break up water into hydrogen and oxygen.
    Hydrogen is extremely flammable, oxygen is needed for the reaction to occur, and the end result? Water…
    That's of course if the burning happens in an oxygen only environment, in the open air you would get some nitric oxide as well…

  9. my dad's a chinese chef and makes (in my biased opinion) the best XLBs. Seeing the dough…the folds, my heart was beating uncontrollably fast lol

  10. Soup dumplings have become some of my favorite things in the entire universe. I have found one place that’s about an hour and a half away from me that is the best I’ve ever had. I’ve gone to fancier places, more expensive places, places that claim to be more “authentic,” but without a doubt this place blows them all out of the water. I regularly make the trip whenever I’m having a bad day.

  11. Well no, you can't burn water, but you can boil the pot dry. Also, if you're using an aluminum pot it can melt onto/into the element. I did not slightly melt a pot, I was the one to pull it off the stove.

  12. I don't know about burning water but you can forget it and not have any water when you come back and a not so happy pot. Allegedly

  13. Burning Water- there was a pretty famous set of videos on YouTube where natural gas seeped into a water supply and people ignited the water from their kitchen sink taps. I think that counts.

  14. Yes, invite 3 Chinese grandmas, let them show you their magic. Don't invite a trained chef and make a "normal" video for this one, make a chaotic one, full of love, magic and Chinese wisdom with them yelling how wrong you fold the dough

  15. Maybe ask School Of Wok? I don't think they've done a soup dumpling video, but would be an interesting colab

  16. I know you can burn water. I once had to burn it when I ran out of kindling in my wood stove. It took a lot of matches to light.

  17. I’ve made these at home 3 times now and it’s not as hard as it looks, granted I also make steamed buns regularly so I got some practice, the real secret is use a pasta roller to roll out the dough

  18. YES!
    you can "BURN" water – Boil it so long that the minerals get extracted from the pot and add a metallic taste – BURN WATER!

  19. Of coarse you can burn the water, but then it becomes holy water, just make sure you burn the hell out of it.