After close to receiving 400 votes, an overwhelming number of you (about 50%) voted for us to do a shabu shabu/hot pot mukbang so here it is. We have all the fixings you’d expect for shabu shabu including a beautiful platter of veggies, sliced beef, and fish balls. To cap off the meal, we are having udon.

In this video we are sharing our top mukbangs for 2018–did your favorite make the cut? Let us know in the comments. Also, we received a thoughtful gift in our PO Box and we’re opening it on camera.

Happy new year!


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What do you think?


  1. We want to know, what was YOUR favorite mukbang we filmed in 2018? Watch the video to find out our top picks!

  2. Lol I love the Dragon ball Goku reference! Yay to 90s anime ? I thought James was already a foodie expert but I learned that James is probably the foodie master in the household ? I swear every time I watch your videos, I feel like I’m watching a food network show with a Good Mythical morning feel.

  3. Bloody cute couple!!! Always love watching your mukbang. Much love from Korea! 귀여운 커플이네요~ 늘 잘 보고 있어요^^

  4. I've never had a bloody nose, but if I ever do have one, I'd be dramatic lol! Besides all of your jollibee mukbangs 😉 I think my favorite would be the whole salmon sashimi for that exact same reason haha it's just crazy! I'll eventually try it one day XD

  5. A BLOODY nose is never good! My favorite is all the sushi ones, the Korean BBQ and the tomahawk steak was savage! Sorry, couldn’t pick only one! ? I loved all the cooking ones and lives! Happy New Year, May 2019 bring you blessings on blessings!

  6. Mark "pregnant" with his tomahawk steak lol. I feel for you james with the bloody nose, I would get really bad ones in public too. btw I sent you guys a Christmas card, hope you received it.

  7. James and Mark love your videos love your channel it's an awesome Channel I want to wish you both a very happy happy New Year looking forward to 2019 and you're awesome videos Mark congratulations on your new CEO position and James keep up the great work love the videos Walter fisser from Alhambra California Happy New Year's guys

  8. BLOODY have sa safe and prosper 2019. whats the name of the liquid in the bottle you poured in your bowls? thank you

  9. Love the Thanksgiving one when Mark his from you, when u forgot to turn off the camera. Did you enjoy your Vegas trip?

  10. Hi my name is Hayden I found you from Tassie yang. What is your favorite food? How are you? Please comment me back, Hayden

  11. Seafood Mukbang!!! Uploaded my first mukbang hoping to make people laugh like you guys would love if yall could check it out

  12. Three things:

    1. It’s very hard to pick a favorite mukbang, but I really did enjoy the whole process of the tomahawk steak video.
    2. I’ve said it before, it your kitchen is quite beautiful.
    3. Happy New Year!