Serving Hot Pot With 24 Chinese Herbal Spices

24-hour live streaming: In Indonesia, chilies are often added to typical Indonesian dishes to make dishes taste spicy. There is also a typical Chinese spice, which has a spicy and even numb sensation on the tongue, called the ma-la spice. This concoction can be found in soup dishes such as hot pots. Follow the latest news in 2020 with international packaging in Indonesian, and don’t miss breaking news with the latest news and CNN Indonesia live reports at and CNN Indonesia channel on Transvision. CNN Indonesia is a member of the Transmedia group. In Transmedia, also incorporated Trans TV, Trans7, Detikcom, Transvision, CNN and CNBC Indonesia. Follow & Mention our Twitter: @myTranstweet @cnniddaily @cnnidconnected @cnnidinsight @cnnindonesia Like & Follow Facebook: CNN Indonesia Follow IG: cnnindonesiatv.

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  1. CNN, ulasan yg mantap, full rempah2. Menyimak sp tuntas, Hot Pot 24 Rempah Herbal Tiongkok. Channel yg bagus, dan layak ditonton, krn pasti banyak info2nya yg jarang dibahas di channel lainnya. Trims.
    Sketsa JoKris Jo

  2. Hi bikin perkedel agar damai menyambut dunia hancur gaib bikin perkedel agar adem udara bersih harum wangi kenyang dengan udara bersih. BOM

  3. hot pot itu makanan musin dingin ada pempanasan waktu makan nama jepang itu sukiyaki biasa di panggil suki di indo bkn seperti itu.