Rural traditional tempeh, 10 catties of soybeans fermented with mold in 8 days, once made can be eaten for a year Grandma making traditional Chinese tempeh and chinese food | Guangxi Food | Yulin Granny

Welcome to subscribe! Grandma in Guangxi will take you to understand the food culture of Guangxi. The real thing is that rural food inherits the pastoral life and carries forward the tradition (updated from time to time!) Granny Yulin

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  1. The effort of making tempeh..grandma, i rather go to supermarket and buy 10 pcs 😀.
    Your hard work is precious!

  2. 好幸福。簡單而純樸的美味。

  3. Saludos desde Tepic Nayarit México, que linda la abuelita siempre ofreciendo sus alimentos, creo que es su amiguita 😍 y dudu al pie, lista para acompañar a su humanita, se me hace tan bonita dudu que desearía abrazarla, el frijolillo lo mezcla con cualquier alimento y de antoja jejejejejeje bonito video de la abuelita, Dios la bendiga siempre 😃

  4. My best friend, that's a great video. I will always cheer for you in Korea I'm looking forward to a great video. Have a nice day.

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  8. 阿婆早!請問妳 1O斤的黑豆,妳放多少(青釩),而妳黑豆煮多久。再者: 看妳把'(霉菌)留起來改次用!(留)到明年做嗎?要不要冰起來!(後学)也是客家人,喜欢傳統的食物做法!祈望(阿婆)妳能抽出宝貴時间,回覆我好嗎?謝謝妳!🙏

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  10. 黑豆豉燒菜,真是美味!黑豆發酵,能釀造醬油,不知道阿婆試過沒有?

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  12. Бабушки молодцы, как всегда на позитиве. Очень нравятся ваши видео. Здоровья вам и всего хорошего.

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  15. Me gustaría que escribas algo de tus Videos en Español o Inglés en la Pantalla. La Historia de tus
    Videos. No entendemos tu Idioma en América y en USA. Vas a te n er miles de Seguidores. Gracias 🙂.

  16. Lots of love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 grandma love you so much stay healthy🥰🥰

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  18. Wow it looks and taste good mmmmmm I can smell the aroma of each cook dishes
    Thank you grandma for always sharing your knowledge. Someday I'll try to do it too.and I appreciate your kindness to your neighbor, friend.keep up and God Bless ❤️