Ricotta Dumplings with Strawberry Sauce

It’s another SWEET moment from the archive as I prepare Ricotta Dumplings with Strawberry Sauce with Grandma on the first series of Lidia’s Family Table. We filmed this 15 years ago. Check it out here – and find the recipe here –

What do you think?


  1. Thank you so much for this recipe, gorgeous! You are a very generous cook and love your recipes. I live in Friuli and English, so also great to learn recipes from Veneto and earthy meals from FVG. I wish I were your mum, she is lovely and well-cared for and you feed her so well LOL! beautiful! <3 🙂

  2. Grandma is someone every woman should learn from. What a graceful presence she had❤️❤️

  3. I'm part Italian, but if I repeatedly called my mother "grandma," my teeth would litter the kitchen floor like so many scattered gnocchi.


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  5. Enjoy watching your show (almost) every day. Cooking my own delicious food is as important as my personal fitness.

  6. I loved that grandma lived upstairs!! I never want my family to leave either. 💜

  7. My mouth is watering. I love strawberries and ricotta!! Coming from a Mexican family I can see how our two worlds collide. The love of family and food. The best!

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  9. This Ricotta Dumplings with Strawberry Sauce recipe looks so delicious Chef Lidia.

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  11. We are praying for you Lydia God will give you comfort in this time. We love grandma and miss her deeply she was beautiful she reminds us of my grandma. God bless you Lydia we are praying for you. Betty and Tammi😇😇😇❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. What a beautiful dish and I'm certain it is delicious. It looks so easy to make. Thank you Lidia for sharing another fantastic recipe with us.

  13. I love your grandma. She is a funny, beautiful lady. I just watch you on PBS, now I will watch on YouTube. I don’t have cable anymore. Keep up the beautiful work 👏🏼🥂

  14. HOW COME UR videos is NOT HD , thats strange this time & ages, even all cameras these days is HD OR 4K now
    what kinda camera is this from 80s or 90s???

  15. Aw Grandma is so sweet, makes me smile! ❤️ Such great video memories for us all, especially you Lidia! And another recipe to try!

  16. I absolutely love grandma…such an elegant woman. You can see the love she has for her daughter.

  17. This vid has made me laugh harder than The Last dozen movies I've watched combined….. Grandma is Hilarious, from "You try to spoil me I think"…lolz, to the absolute best…
    "Just invite anybody you want…. leave the dish for me." HAHAHAHAHA! I'm Dyin!!

  18. Love these videos especially with your lovely mom
    They always bring a smile and warm the heart