Real shot of Li Ziqi’s hometown, Wenfeng Tower Li Ziqi’s picture location, what equipment her team used to shoot the video

Hello friends, today I came to the location where Li Qi shot the shrimp fishing video, and I went to see the Wenfeng Tower. The pictures and landscapes shot by Li Ziqi’s team are very transparent, of course, through a series of professional color correction processes such as adjusting highlights and shadows in the later stage. The latitude of ordinary shooting machines is very low. When the color is adjusted in the later stage, the faults and details are lost. Simple Tell me about the shooting equipment she uses. .

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  1. 李子柒真实家乡是“四川绵阳平武县大山,,”根本不是这里.那个地方少数民族杂居,藏族、羌族…居多……说大谎、替你脸红!

  2. 这个视频才是真实的, 这就是真实的农村景象,没有像李子柒视频上面那么美,不得不感叹科技的先进,给这博主点赞

  3. I like how skillfully she combines videos of her real city and mountain landscapes. And in the latest videos, they are increasingly using photo montage of mountains. I believed for a very long time that she lives high in the mountains, until one day I noticed an installation error on one video. After that, I began to respect her even more. I thought it was easy for her to shoot in such a beautiful place. But in reality, everything turned out to be completely different. She was able to create a beautiful fairy tale out of nothing, which we all believed in. And it is admirable!

  4. 不错,其实一直想做个中国乡村研究,视频中的中国和现实中有差距,但缩小差钜不是个人能做到的

  5. 老兄.这期节目好像是上期的精简版吧,上期节目好像被删除了.啥情况啊,还有.想知道博主使用的是那款视频编辑软件.有看到请回复下.感谢,