Read Aloud "Bobo Loves Dumplings" (Read in Mandarin)

Title: Bobo Loves Dumpling (Bilingual-Read in Mandarin)
Authors: Melissa Miao and Charlotte Cheng
Illustrator: Kat Uno
(Guess Reader: Andy C.)


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I love books, especially children’s literature. Reading aloud was the most favorite thing I did with my kids. I want to share that love of reading with others as well. As a parent and educator, I know that hearing books read aloud is one of most important things we can do for our kids to help them be successful in school. I hope that parents, teachers, and the kids that are listening find these books to be enjoyable, entertaining, fun, and perhaps inspire you to do great things in the future. Let’s read together.

Do support the authors and publishers of these awesome books by purchasing a copy for your library collection at home. The experience and feeling of having the actual book in your hand, the smell of a new book, and the turning of the pages are irreplaceable. If there is a treasure worth collecting, books are my number one. I hope it becomes yours too!

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