Rare Chinese Dumplings Made With Rice – Eat China (S3E5)

Most Chinese dumplings are made with wheat wrappers, but in Fujian, southeastern China, there’s a dumpling with a rice skin. We went to Fujian to learn about how the Hakka people there make rice bao.

This is the fifth episode in our ten-part series about baos in China. In the next episode, we’ll go to Xinjiang, where we’ll learn how baked baos are made. Stay tuned!

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Producer: Clarissa Wei
Videographer: Patrick Wong
Editor: Joel Roche, Hanley Chu
Narration: Tiffany Ip
Animation: Stella Yoo, Frank Lam
Mastering: Victor Peña

Music: Audio Network

#chinesefood #streetfood #dumpling .

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  1. you should invite Aryan Zenz for the Xinjiang episode. After all, he is the leading expert on Xinjiang region

  2. informative and great viewing…i always love to see the fillings and dough types as per regional it gives my love of such foods such ideas back here in england much to my brothers dismay 🙂

  3. In Indonesia we call it Choi Pan, the filling usually made from chives, dried baby shrimp, and jicama (bengkoang).. it usually come with sweet and spicy chili sauce.. very yummy!

  4. As sea, we called it coipan. I think, it's more of Kueh (kind of chinese cake) than bao. Nonetheless it is superb (y)

  5. My family are from fujian and they make a soup dumpling out of rice and glutenous rice flour and meat filling we also have a version with potatoes and potato starch

  6. This looks more like what I'd call a dumpling than a bao, though the line is very fuzzy between the two.

    Also, interesting comments… 🤔
    Whats going on?

  7. Wow she does all this by hand. Simply amazing woman love her saying at the end. Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Day and spread sum Kindness to others as you encounter them.

  8. Yikes 😬😬😬 Meanwhile Amerikkkaa has caused the DEATH of millions of innocennt people in the middle east right now (as we speak)

  9. I’m tempted to go to China just to try these. I think I’ll pass. I’ll just get arrested and interrogated.

  10. These are kinds similar to a dumpling we have here in Singapore and Malaysia. If I’m not wrong it’s called Soon Kueh and it’s found every where here,