POT Fried Rice – Chinese food – Malaysia

We’ve tried whatever we’ve heard people love in Malyasia. There is this Chinese restaurant in Malaysia (We had food from here before the CORONA VIRRUS outbreak) which is very famous in Kuala Lumpur where they cook fried rice in a traditional pot cooking way. Loved the food, Chicken wings and Salted Fish (karuvadu) was my fav.

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What do you think?


  1. Hi Irfan ..I like yr vlog ..v interesting but I disappointed that as Muslim u eating non halal food which is prohibited in Islam…cos as Muslim u r carrying Islam name to global..what non Muslim will think…pls consider it

  2. Salam bro… I'm from Singapore pls avoid Chinese shop if not halal logo in the shop just my opinion bro. Love to watch your videos 😍

  3. Inumaaa unakuu corano varala… Odiruu China kuu… Tamilnadu la parapi vitrutha

  4. It's not called fried rice bro, it's claypot chicken rice. Also, you have to mix the salted fish with the whole claypot rice.

  5. Anga ponningalae namba India la irundhu vanthu kashta paduruvangala pathu kapathama Nala unga vaiyur ah roopitu vanthu irukingalae da chi

  6. கண்டதையும் சாப்பிட்டு கொரோனா வைரஸ் வந்திட போகுது….

  7. Bro ungeleke ellam Tamil Nadu food tha seri pattu varum.. claypot rice eppudi sapdanum kude terile..

  8. Ingae lam mostly the chinese restaurants like this aren't really halal. So are you sure you checked if it was halal or no?