Pork belly is not braised in brown sauce, add mustard greens to make creative pasta with mustard dumplings, which are better than pot stickers / mustard greens in spring[Taste of Country Official Channel]

The practice of Shaanxi special cuisine, every day grandma teaches everyone how to cook food, shepherd’s purse dumplings in sour soup, with thin skin and more fillings. Put some pork in the shepherd’s purse stuffing to make shepherd’s purse dumplings. The taste is really good, simple and delicious. The sour soup tastes like this More delicious Grandma Tiantian makes shepherd’s purse dumplings, with special sour soup, the taste is more fragrant. Pork belly is not braised. With mustard greens, it makes creative pasta mustard dumplings. It is more delicious than pot stickers. I eat the taste of mustard green country in spring. I am Grandma Tiantian. We live in rural Shaanxi, focusing on realistic rural life, authentic rural food, and sharing our daily lives. I will always publish videos of the original ecological food in rural areas, and the living conditions in my hometown. If you love food, cook food, and enjoy the happiness that food brings to us, please subscribe to my channel. welcomes everyone to like, share and comment. Thank you all for your support! #乡的味官方 Channel#五花肉不红烧#创意面食# must菜餃子# shall菜報許# eat mustard greens in spring.

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