Philadelphia CHINATOWN Cheap Eats | $3 NOODLES & STINKY TOFU!

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Stopped by Chinatown in Philadelphia for some much-needed Chinese food!

Places I went to:
Siu Kee Duck House
111 N 10th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Cily Chicken Rice
933 Race St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Chinese Restaurant:
104 N 10th Street

A La Mousse
145 N 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

More Sugar
125 N 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Heung Fa Chun Sweet House
112 N 10th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

John’s Roast Pork
14 Snyder Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148

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  1. I absolutely love this video! I go down Chinatown once a month to indulge myself in amazing Asian cuisine, they have a amazing bakery! There’s butter buns are amazing!!

  2. Leakage from takeout is not cool. I’ve walked through Chinatown in Philly many times, never stopped to eat. I need to change that!

  3. I live in Chinatown. Philadelphia has the best food at the best prices. Oh, you went to the Roast Pork place by the tracks!

  4. Yo Chinese Restaurant is soooo legit! You def have to do Nan Zhou and Dim Sum Garden next time. Too bad that Tasty Place closed, the best salt and pepper wings ever!

  5. Where is this dude packing away all this food. I would've thrown up like 3 times already

  6. If you haven't tried Saad's Halal Restaurant in Philadelphia yet, you'll have to try their Chicken Shish Tawook Maroosh Way (grilled chicken on a toasted hoagie roll) order it with extra garlic sauce and hot sauce. 🤤😋 I heard their cheesesteak is good too but always defaulted to the chicken so if you do get the cheesesteak too, let me know what you think 😄 Love your foodie adventures!

  7. China town is great! You should also check out Little Saigon on Washington street. Bahn mis for days.

  8. Philadelphia has a variety of Food which is why I love the city so much. Just about everything is good too eat there. But the next time your in Philly you must try La Rosa Pizza and Gilben's bakery get any of the subs.

  9. For the love of God, the next time you’re in Philly, you MUST go to Neighborhood Ramen. It is without a doubt the best food I’ve ever had. They are finally back open for outdoor seating, they’re just SO INCREDIBLE.

  10. Been living in Philly for the past 7 years and half of it strolling through Chinatown for grocery shopping and eating from sichuan spots and I think you missed out on going to Ting Wong, a Philly CT landmark of sorts. Serves extremely cheap wonton soup, roasted birds and my personal favorite, the combo congee with fried dough!

    If you crave a bit of MaLa, I highly recommend Four Rivers on Race St. The fuqi feipian and the meicai kourou are to die for!

  11. Love that you came to Philly! If you ever come back again, I'd like to see you try out the Cambodian restaurants! Sophie's Kitchen on Washington Ave, I Heart Cambodia and Khmer Grill are two blocks away from each other in South Philly. Happy eating! ❤️

  12. The Soft Tofu breakfast place has homemade soy bean milk served cold or hot. Never failed me since I was in middle school.

  13. You need to go to South Philly for their Indonesian spot….aww man $6 meals in the banana leaf…WHAT??!!!! to die for. By the way love your channel.💗

  14. So I live really close to Chinatown, and usually go with my favorites like Sang Kee, BonChon, City Chicken &Ruce, Nine Ting, and a few others. You managed to hit almost everything else I've wanted to try, so I went out early and tried some. That salty tofu and fried dough was AMAZING! Siu Kee didn't have any pig ears, so I got the brined pork stomach, and that was great too! Thanks for covering the stuff I've never had!

    P.S. John's Roast Pork is amazing. Next time, try the cheesesteak with sharp provolone and American. It sounds blasphemous, but it is heavenly!

  15. yaaaay! i live in philly and eat in chinatown a lot.

    i’m gonna try the salty tofu this weekend.
    the cakes remind me of the bakery shops in shanghai. i miss china. i will try there as well.
    i kinda want to try the pig ears too.
    i want the chicken rice too! i normally make my own but i’ve never actually ate it from a chinese restaurant lol saw it on youtube and tried it.

  16. The best ramen is at the TERMINAL! The duck ramen with Bok choy and chili flakes is amazing!!!

  17. Besides all the incredibly amazing food I love hearing mikey speaking his second language and explaining what things mean

  18. You remind me of a kid I used to hang out with growing up. He loved ramen and had a pinball machine in his house. Great times.

  19. Thank you for showing me some good food places in my own city that I didn't know about. The next time I'm near Chinatown, I'll be sure to try some of your recommends.

  20. Hey… At 11.12 where do I get that salty tofu soup? Can't wait! Thx

    BTW have you tried the indonesian places in Philly? They're amazing..

  21. You should travel to Germany’s north see and go to the small harbors and wait for the small shrimp boats fishing boats and try all the foods there I think you would like it

  22. Random comment, but never assume all thumbs down are nefarious. My cat has thumbed down countless videos on YouTube over the years. I definitely reverse it if I notice. Take care all!

  23. I can eat, watch Mike and be hungry again. Love, love, love Mike. Mike, has got me through 2 redundancies. But the intro music is the worst..its so cheesy. C'mon Mike, do better please 👊🏾

  24. You didn't go to Nan Zhou. If you make it to Philly again, I will treat you to a mean there. It'll blow your mind.

  25. Also Kim's Restaurant Korean BBQ way up in North Philly is a must-visit for next time

  26. Mike you should get a foldable chair or stool for your car when your outside 😊

  27. Hi Mikey. You are so fun to watch. What was the name of the Mexican restaurant in Phoenix after your hike?

  28. You are fun, Mike! Stay well and good . . . and keep in touch with your mom and dad. Love, Bonnie

  29. 你把全世界Chinatown都吃遍了就是不去中国吃,看你是多看不起中国。如果你是嫌弃ccp不去中国,那就更说不通了,你自己说的国家和党派要分开,我不能因为不喜欢民主党就不喜欢美国吧。