Onions can also be used to make dumplings, let me teach you a trick, so that the filling is fragrant, delicious and not greasy[Eat in the small kitchen]

Have you ever eaten onion dumplings? Today I will share a new way to eat dumplings. This is delicious and not greasy. Fresh and juicy onions can also be used to make dumplings. I will teach you a trick. The filling is delicious, and it is delicious and not greasy.[Food In the small kitchen]#食在小厨#餃子#Onion subscribe here 👉 The ultimate cuisine, only the most industrious people make simple ingredients to make the taste of life, homemade Delicious soothes the hard work of life ——————————————— —————– Hello everyone, I am Huihui. I update different foods and delicious foods every day. I leave it to the cutest and hardworking you~ I like to eat in the small kitchen. Click to subscribe, Xiaochu is here waiting to interact with you. .

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