Oldest Restaurant in California!! SAN FRANCISCO FOOD TOUR + Huge Seafood Bowl!!

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SAN FRANCISCO – Welcome to the beautiful city of San Francisco, California on the west coast of the United States. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the US and it has a rich history of food. Today, we’re going on a classic, heritage food tour of San Francisco, where we’re going to eat at some of the oldest and best restaurants in the city. We’ll be eating huge amounts of cioppino, a fisher’s seafood stew that was invented in San Francisco!

Again, thank you to Visit California for sponsoring my trip.

Swan Oyster Depot ( Total price – $109.50 – First up on this food tour we headed to the legendary Swan Oyster Depot, easily one of the top restaurants I was looking forward to eating at in all of SF. It’s like taking a step back in time from the moment you step in. It’s all seafood bar counter style, fresh, and whatever is in season. I tried a bunch of different dishes, including a Crab Louie (another dish invented in San Francisco), plus smoked salmon on sourdough, chowder, shrimp cocktail, Sicilian sashimi, and crab backs. What a meal and what a way to start off this ultimate San Francisco food tour.

Sotto Mare ( – Next we headed over to Sotto Mare, an Italian American restaurant serving seafood and local dishes. Among their list of dishes, no one goes to Sotto Mare without ordering their cioppino, an Italian American seafood medley with tomatoes and white wine and plenty of garlic. It’s the signature dish of San Francisco, and you can’t visit without trying it.

Anchor Oyster Bar ( – Total price – $136.29 – One of my personal favorite restaurants in San Francisco is Anchor Oyster Bar, where they again specialize in both oysters and cioppino. I ordered a nice tray of oysters to begin with, and finished with a huge bowl of cioppino. To me, this is the gold standard – a beautiful tomato broth that’s not too heavy and not too light, accented with herbs and spices, and a huge variety of seafood. An amazing meal.

Tadich Grill ( – Total price – $129.26 – Finally to complete this San Francisco food tour we headed to Tadich Grill in downtown. Dating back to 1849, it’s not only the oldest restaurant in SF, but the oldest restaurant in California! It’s absolutely classic from the moment you walk in, huge wooden bar counter, high saloon style ceiling, and waiters in white coats. I tried a number of dishes including, you guessed it – cioppino. But the real winner here for me were the local sand dabs.

And that wraps up this ultimate food tour in San Francisco!



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  1. Good food but San Francisco is a dangerous crime infested drug ridden dump. Guaranteed to get your car broken into in under 15 min if you park on the street.

  2. I really hope for your sake that this food extravaganza was spread out over a few days. The "little pink" shrimps are called Alaskan shrimp. Enjoyed your video. 🦪

  3. I’m amazed the huge bites of food you can eat and masterfully talk at the same time! Super impressed.

  4. That food and bread at the first place oyster place looks amazing. That thousand island dressing, not so much. Looks straight from a big bottle.

  5. I’m surprised you didn’t give any background on where that smoked salmon caper and onion dish came from. Traditional it would’ve been on a bagel, but this was a nice little San Francisco twist or variation on the dish using San Francisco sourdough bread.

  6. I vividly recall years ago, I read a local Bay Area magazine article. It mentioned that S.F. has so many restaurants, both well known, & "hole in the wall" moms & pops eateries .. That even if a person was to try and visit and eat in as many as they can daily, they still wouldn't be able to do it in a single span of their average lifetime!!! 😮

  7. I don't even LIKE seafood but the joy, excitement, and savoring of all dishes you express makes me want to try them all! Mark, your smile and positive vibes are electric! Can't wait to see more food adventures from you and your beautiful family! ❤

  8. Désolé un commentaire en français…
    Je suis outré de vous voir manger les huitres ….les huitres se dégustent juste avec une pointe de citron et c'est tout …je pense que vous n'avez pas beaucoup d'abonnés français enfin je l'espère
    bon courage à tous vos abonnés