No Oil Oats Recipes For Weight loss (In Hindi) Oats Dumplings/Momos | Breakfast Idea for Weight loss

No Oil Oats Recipes For Weight loss (In Hindi) Oats Dumplings/Momos | Breakfast Idea for Weight loss

hey friends aaj maine bahut hi tasty healthy oats dumplings ki recipe share ki hai for weight watchers please like, share aur subscribe jarur karna..

Ingredients & Calories (makes 10)
1/2 cup oats – 150cal
1/4 cup semolina – 145.3cal
capsicum – 15cal
onion – 28cal
1/2 cup carrot – 30.7cal
2 tbsp low fat curd – 19cal
green chilli
1 tsp eno/baking soda
salt to taste
coriander leaves

per dumplings calorie – 39
total calories – 387 cal
protien – 13.3 gram
fats – 4.2 gram
carbs – 75.2 gram
fiber – 11.3 gram


Apple cider vinegar
Chia seeds
Measuring cups
Weight machine for kitchen

Canola Cooking Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cold Press Virgin Coconut Cooking Oil

Tata Sampann Moong Dal

1. DiSano Apple Cider Vinegar for weightloss

2. Gluten Free Rolled Oats for weightloss

3. Stevia Sugar Free Sachets for weightloss

4. Jaggery Powder for weightloss

5. Safola honey for weightloss

6. Millets for weightloss

7. Quinoa for weightloss

8. Tata rock salt for weightloss

9. Brown rice for weightloss

10. Peanut butter for weightloss

11. Wheat Dalia for weightloss

12. Green coffee beans for weightloss

Products which I use & recommended

1. Wonderchef Granite Range Aluminium Wok

2. Wonderchef Granite Dosa Tawa

3. Wonderchef Granite Frying Pan

4. Pressure Cooker

5. Pigeon 3 burner gas stove

6.Digitek Lightweight Tripod

7.Phone which I use to make videos

8. Laptop I use

9. My mic

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  1. Arti u can't even imagine how many people you are helping..upar wala apko aur kamyabi de YouTube pe🙏🙏

  2. I'm in my weight loss journey Nd was finding something for my iftaari now sure will try it😇

  3. My angel 😘💕thank you ma'am ….. It's Aditi Mukherjee

  4. Many oates ke lauki dal kar dumplings banaen bahut testy Bane aapka bahut bahut dhanyawad love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Kurkure momos seriously yaar aap bhaut yummy recipe batate ho after Navratri I definitely try dis . Mere liye ye Kurkure momos hai Thanku momos ki carving ab ni hogi thanks dear 😘😘

  6. Hello Aarti! aapne iske liye naam suggestion maga tha…. Gujarati me it looks like "muthiya"…. so "Oats Muthiya"….. How's that 🙂🙃

  7. Wow perfect receipe for ramadan fasting i will definitely try today pls share more recipe like this love from saudi 🇸🇦 jeddah