Nine men beat up women at a restaurant, assault sparks outrage in China | World News | WION

At least nine men assaulted women in the northeastern city of Tangshan and this incident has unleashed outrage on Chinese social media platforms. A graphic video from last week has gone viral on china’s social media platform where a man can be seen approaching a woman and then brutally attacking her.

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  1. The get beaten to pulp by the Indian Army in the LAC taking 2:1 casualties… and take it out on their women

  2. What are you doing YouTube? Why are you blocking it and I can watch it from my own TV.

  3. I am shocked this is even news. Happens so frequently it really isn't anything special. china is a $hithole. Accept it.

  4. A very strong lady and a great inspiration! Wishing her all the best in her recovery and onward endeavours.

  5. This is how the patriarchy came into power. Some guy got pissed and beat a few women and now men are ruling over them

  6. It’s this kind of situation that women will resort to use dirt or black ink to smear faces and hide their beauty

  7. The men sitting in the restaurant who did nothing should be the ones punished along with them

  8. Why do they "always" fight in Chinese restaurants?? I used to always see restaurant fighting scenes in Kung Fu movies. 😂🤣😂😂🤭😊

  9. 2;45am? Not much good happens after midnight when alcohol is involved.

    Humans are seriously flawed.

  10. Tangshan officials, please give an overdue explanation! Worldwide viewers are waiting!

  11. Looks like the women escalated the situation so it’s their fault. 1st. Woman talked back and second woman tried hitting him in the head. Maybe she had his necklace or something and he wanted it back.

  12. This is fucked up all the crimes around the world won’t go unpunished believe that 💯💯

  13. Are gangsters a particular color or have a certain look? They don’t appear to be gangster. Laughable

  14. Your reporting is inaccurate… You're making up stories of an incident you have no facts on.

  15. Those four girls are dead, those girls are really miserable!!! I saw someone else say that the side bars removed three!!! How can a normal fight prolapse anus? And Tangshan has been blocked, all the information has been out, but the crime site has been the local residents flowers, is chrysanthemum, in China, the general worship of the dead will use chrysanthemum, the locals know what happened, but they dare not say out.

  16. This does NOT excuse the men's behavior – but this is one of the effects of China's one-child policy. Millions of men have no hope of ever finding a girlfriend or wife. Their sexual drive is going to get the better of them. This is horrifying. God rest the women's souls.

  17. I wish MIKE TYSON was eating in that restaurant that day. This footage would have been amazing to see those dudes get beat up by ONE person. 😡

  18. Gathered china source, reports on the gangers cut the throat of 2 girls and killed them at the back alley, threw 1 girl down from 2nd level and died and the 4th one died on the way to hospital and china police covered up and let go the beasts on bail. Horrific!

    Why the beasts can do this because of bribery given to the china police. China police is trying to cover this up.

    Until today, the 4 girls are not shown to the public. Thus, the reports might be true.

  19. This is every day occurrance in USA in every Democratic major city or public places. And the government pays them to target Whites, elderly or handicapped or young. Look at Pride month, serious child abuse.

  20. Did you notice all the gutless males who just stood watching or the 'guy' who snuck over to get his phone? Did they think it was a Black Mirror episode?

  21. Last year and this year was not a good year for Asian Filipino Women in the US , one of the Filipino died after a bruttal Race related attack in New York by a "Black Racist American"

  22. This was so brutal! Nine men beating up 4 young women in public! It just made me feel hopeless that everyone were just standing by watching the brutal beating happening.