Must Eat Shrimp Egg Drop Soup Recipe, CiCi Li – Asian Home Cooking Recipes

Egg drop soup or Danhuatang is a very popular Chinese home cooking dish. Nowadays, it has becomes so popular that you can even find it throughout Chinese restaurants in the US.



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  1. I like potato cheddar soup, broccoli soup, and have had a more simple version of egg drop soup in Chinese establishment. Never made it, but why not do all the way as you suggest. I look forward.

  2. If I don't have rice vinegar can I use regular or apple cider vinegar? Looks amazing and I can't wait to try it.

  3. That looks DELICIOUS! THANKS for sharing your version. Never thought about separating the egg yokes.

  4. I love Cantonese egg drop soup. I just can't wait to make it with the shrimps and some fried rice on the side!

  5. Aw so glad to have found this channel! I have lost so much weight with Asian (mostly Chinese) broths and soups, fabulous channel! Thank you! Another well deserved subscriber!

  6. Absolutely LOVE your knife/cleaver skills, Chef. Learning something new in your techniques with the blade. And the soup looks real good, too.

  7. CiCi, your separation of the eggs & whites is nothing short of brilliant. I always await watching your new video posts as they arrive. I once ordered a bowl of egg drop soup in a Mom & Pop restaurant in Gardena Ca.

    As the bowl was set before me, I noticed something new & beautiful, the egg drop soup had clear & transparent broth l hadn’t seen before. Still, the soup had a rich viscosity as, I’ve come to know. I asked the waiter, did the chef use Tapioca starch to thicken the broth? Yes, he said.

    Your beaming charm always comes through each of your videos CiCi, 謝謝.

  8. I love egg drop soup a little too much…even in the summertime I can eat whole pot

  9. Well urs looks a lot edible then mine I just made I started making rice vermicelli noodles then though I would turn it into egg drop but now it looks like a big clog of mess

  10. Oh geez, I am going to change the way I make this! Can I add crab stick and those tiny mushrooms?

  11. For my egg drop soup, I like to add little cubes of tofu, scallions, and sliced water chestnuts.

  12. You have a beautiful personality and you did a wonderful joy in demonstration of making this soup. Superb, I followed the recipe except the mushrooms I didn’t have, it was still very good. God bless!