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  1. Omg the this is so cool to see since I’m Tibetan and we barely get recognised. Thank you for ur content!!

  2. We only have 1 sauce which is hot sauce 🌶 and I don’t know how you got 4 different sauces . Where are you from?

  3. I'm not sure what's inside the dumplings (as far as the filling) but a mix of soy sauce, vingegar and chili oil is what I use. Soy sauce works just fine too!! 😋😉

  4. I absolutely love watching your videos and reading your commentary at the same! I didn’t think I could love your content more, and then you featured Momos! Thank you for sharing the food of my people, Nepal/Tibet on your channel 😊❤️

  5. Hey I love your videos.
    Do you live near Detroit by chance ? I would LOVE to see you try and review Mom’s Spaghetti (Eminem’s restaurant that just opened) 😍😍

  6. The mono dumplings remind me of pot stickers / as they can also be called here in U. S. Chinese restaurants – yours are much larger though! Yummy!

  7. Pena tenho de como vai acabar esta senhora comendo tanto lixo. O pior inimigo do homem é a ignorância.

  8. Δείχνουν καταπληκτικά!!!!! Πως λέγεται το εστιατόριο????