Mixed Vegetable in Chinese Restaurant Style || Bangladeshi Chinese Restaurant Style Mixed Vegetable

As the products of the Chinese spread all over the world, so did their food. There is no pair of Chinese food that can be easily cooked with a little spice and in a short time. I have a special appeal for their food … I try to make different Chinese dishes whenever I have time. But above all, my favorite dish is “Mixed Chinese Vegetable with Chicken and Prawn” …. which is served in our Chinese restaurants in Bangladesh. It tastes a little different from the classical Chinese mixed vegetables, a little like the Bangladeshi taste. Today I will share that recipe with you. I hope you like and benefit 🙂 Written recipe of mixed vegetable in Bangladeshi Chinese restaurant style 👉 👉 Fried Rice Recipe 👉 👉 Fried Chicken Recipe 👉 👉 Chinese Chicken Anthony’s Recipe 👉 👉 https: // The recipe for the perfect chicken tandoori made in the oven link 👉 ps Recipe for crispy chicken roll: Sue KFC style crunchy chicken popcorn recipe with preservation method 👉 👉 ———– ————————————————– ———————— Visit my website (Website): Download my mobile app (Mobile app): https: // … Follow my facebook page: shasrecipe /.

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  1. আপনার সব রান্না গুলো এতো সুন্দর দেখেই মন ভরে যায়।

  2. আপনার সব রান্না গুলো এতো সুন্দর দেখেই মন ভরে যায়।

  3. Apo apnar kach theke sikhe ei first time ami eta ranna korlam apo onk sad hoyese dekhteo onk valo hoise apo… Tnx tnx apo

  4. apu corn four na dile kichi hobe?….. ba er porinorte onno kichu ki dite parbo?….plzz ans ta dei

  5. Could you please prepare the Vazi which we find in hotels in Bangladesh for morning breakfast?

  6. apu pepe er poriborte lau use kora jabe? amar ekhane pepe paowa jayna…pls janale help hoto

  7. সোয়া সস ছাড়া কি রেসিপিটা ভালো হবে না?

  8. আমি রান্না করেছি অনেক মজা হয়েছে

  9. আপু আপনার এই চাইনিচ সবজিটা সবার থেকে best আমি সবার চাইনিচ রেসিপি দেখেছি ।এবং আপনার টা bangladeshar চাইনিচের মতো teast .

  10. আদা রসুন বাটা ও গোল মরিচ কতটুকু দিয়েছন আপু?

  11. আপু আচারি বেগুনের রেসিপি চাই প্লিজ।

  12. Salam,Aysha apa, apner ei vegetables amar kase khub easy legechhe! Onek easy kore dekhiachhen! Thanx! 😊☺☺