[Mango sees the world]Fujian men’s version of “Li Ziqi” uses Fuding bayberry to make a “bayberry banquet”, which is so beautiful that it cannot be tasted

The Fujian male version of “Li Ziqi” teaches you ancient recipes and secret recipes for Fuding Yangmei Banquet. “May the bayberry is full of forests, I suspected a price for a thousand dollars at first.” In the hot summer, a sip of cold bayberry juice will let you reminisce about Tao Yuanming’s return to the garden. Like my video, subscribe to my channel~ Plaese subscribe to[Mango Watching the World]Channel on YouTube if you like my videos: 💖Thanks For Watching, Like, Comment & Share! Ring the little bell, you can receive my channel news as soon as possible~ Turn on the bell, and get my first hand feed here! More wonderful videos past video:[Fuding Xingxing Brother]The world is tasteful is Qinghuan https ://[Mango Seeing the World]Chinese culture trip “Riding China through No Man’s Land”[Mindong Secret Land]Discovery Another Chinese Fujian #Chinesefood #乡vlog #芒果看天下.

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  3. 你的视频拍的很棒,希望能早日找到更适合你的风格,我很期待

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  5. la letra obviamente no la entiendo….pero me encantan estos video!!! son muy tranquilizantes!!!

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