Making Dim Sum For 3,000 People – A Frank Experience

Frank Pinello is back with another episode of A Frank Experience, this time learning what it takes to serve dim sum to 3,000 people in one day at one of the largest restaurants in North America. He visits Jing Fong, a 25,000-square-foot Cantonese banquet hall in Manhattan’s Chinatown that serves Hong Kong-style dim sum and has been open for over 40 years.

Frank learns how to fold and steam dumplings and how to work the traditional woks. Over the course of the day, Frank learns how to make dishes like beef chow fun, shrimp shumai, potstickers, and pork buns, and then he serves dim sum to customers with the banquet hall’s pushcarts.

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What do you think?


  1. He’s talking about the cultural mixes in food…
    No one cares about that.
    Specially the Chinese.

  2. im really happy buisnesses are shutting down. its good to see peoples livelihoods being ruined.

  3. I clicked on this video and I'm like yo is corona over? And them its like oh it's from a year ago damn

  4. Feel so bad for the owners and the customers of this restaurant. The pandemic has destroyed so many small businesses especially restaurants

  5. Luv luv luv live for dim sum oh my word They look so goooooood & cuuuuuuuute wooooow thats art y’all folks okay ?

  6. Listening to him speak to the chef is like watching people of different species talk in star wars.

  7. Sorry to hear that this establishment will close. All of the people this place employed will be effected. The Corona virus has really turned the world upside down…

  8. I like how Frank shows how hard it really is, so we can fully appreciate their skill. The chefs make it look so easy.

  9. There’s a hell of a language barrier but it’s really entertaining and wholesome to see that they both understand each other. I’m pretty sure someone is there to translate in the raw footage but it’s fun to watch.

  10. Sadly Jing Fong's banquet room isn't long for this world. So sad. So many memories there growing up in Chinatown.

  11. I love how frank gets into the history of colony set item. Like how he really gets to know the story behind the dish, chef and restaurant. I’d buy anything he sells

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