Make Dumplings with Guillotine Knife and Paper Shredder in Office. | Ms Yeah

Make Dumplings with Guillotine Knife and Paper Shredder in Office.
* Creative cooking in office, if there are dangerous actions and props, please do not imitate.

Hello, I am Ms Yeah.
I cook in the office in an unconventional way.
Okay, you can say it is a “weird” way. I like doing this because it is fun.
Life is not always fun, but we can try to create more by ourselves.

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  1. А нельзя без объяснения все ровно не чего не понятно

  2. I love your videos but the only problem I have is I don't understand what you be saying. If you could put on English subs I and alotta of your follower who speak English could understand you please

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    i remember i used to watch you when i was 7, but i forgot about you, but i came here again to watch your cooking office videos, i remember when you made men stand on shrimp because they ate it, time flies😭😭😭

  4. I loved her along time ago when I was as I watched her old vids I love it when she cooks for other people in the office she is so kind – mis yeah pin this comment 🥰

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  7. I miss the old miss yeah, the miss yeah that doesn't talk on the video but since changing is real, I'm just still going to be her subscriber since 3 years ago

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