Liziqi Li Ziqi and Dianxi brother disappeared for almost two months, where did they go? Let me tell you! Liziqi and Dianxi Xiaoge disappeared…

Liziqi and Dianxi Xiaoge disappeared for a month. Where did they go? Let me tell you! Liziqi and Dianxi Xiaoge disappeared for a month. Where did they go? Let me tell you! Recently, I have seen everyone asking, where are Li Ziqi and Dianxi brother? Why haven’t seen anyone for more than a month or two, is something wrong? The last sister Qi met with you was on January 24, a new year’s eve. It was an issue of greetings and blessings to everyone. The content is the same on YouTube and Sina Weibo. Until now, except during the period when fans broke the news that she donated money to Wuhan, where the epidemic was severe, she has been silent on all platforms of the entire network for almost two months. Where did Sister Qi go? How is Sister Qi? Fans started to sit still. Similarly, as another well-regarded Chinese-speaking food self-media expert, Dianxi Xiaoge, on March 11, on the YouTube community and Sina, she briefly explained the situation to everyone, and there was no serious channel update for a month. Content. Everyone can’t help asking: Brother, how are you doing? As their compatriots and even fellows from Yunnan, and as a newcomer to the gourmet self-media pit, Arui is also very concerned about this topic. Based on the current situation and various signs, three reasons have been analyzed, and you can hear whether it makes sense. .

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  1. whats the different dianxi and liziqi . i do not understand your video . where is dianxi . she do not made her video in few month . every one asked to liziqi where is dianxi . i think dianxi was visit to the another side . she do not say this subject to the another person . i know dianxi is a unmarried girl and liziqi .

  2. Iya ke dua youtuber itu aku juga mengikuti udh lama keren kontenya
    Mereke terkenal krn dengan subcriber'y banyak
    Semoga yg punya vlog ini juga secepetnya nyusul yah

  3. the shows from China that I always watch are usually Li Ziqi, DianXi Xiaoge, and most recently Laota Arui. Kimi comes from Korea. I like them all. And hope you all stay healthy, so that you can present more videos to all fans, Aamiin…