[Li Ziqi]Although I love ice cream, the British really cannot accept durian…

[Li Ziqi]Ice cream can also have so many flavors? ! Loved love! In this video, I am very curious about the durian-flavored ice cream. If you find the opportunity, I must buy one for my British mother to try! Link to the original video- 🇬🇧 Youtube: British Jack 🇨🇳 b Station: British Jack🇨🇳 Weibo: British_Jack🇨🇳 Douyin/Watermelon: Follow the British Jack here: 🎬 Take a look at the latest video : #李子柒#冰冻凌# How do foreigners see China? .

What do you think?


  1. 那个不是杏那个是枇杷,炒的叶子是茶,摘得紫色的不是树莓是桑葚,红色的叫樱桃

  2. Although 杰克你胖了, you are still devastatingly adorable ☺️

  3. These videos are really awesome. This food seems so pure. And these desserts so delicious. But let's be clear : I love Durian ice cream. With Matcha ice cream, it's my favorite. Well, I'm French… and you know the smell of our cheeses. So… 😊

  4. 那是枇杷 不是杏子 英文名日本山楂 但是是中国水果😂

  5. Must try malaysia durian.. 猫山王.. Super creamy… Never try Thailand durian.. Is not comparable at all.

  6. Oh man go to south east asia country,you will find a lots of durians fruit,malaysia,Indonesia,thailand and etc there export to China,now people in China love to eat durian

  7. 我小時候怕榴槤的,不過長大後就喜歡了😂 身邊很多朋友都不敢吃

  8. Great video Jack! I have never tasted Durian – i look forward to trying it! How would people reccomend i eat it?

  9. 大家喜欢吃榴莲吗? 我个人不喜欢哈哈哈! 太丑了! 如果喜欢吃,你怎么吃? 喜欢吃榴莲的冰淇淋?🍦🍦🍦
    Do you like to eat durian? I personally don't like it hahaha! too ugly! If you like to eat, how do you eat? Like to eat durian ice cream?