Li Ziqi quit the network? Not updating the video? Foreign fans come to support her with enthusiasm!

Li Ziqi has not updated the video for three months, and public opinion is everywhere. But in any case, she has been inheriting and promoting traditional culture, conveying truth, goodness and beauty. Her works should really be seen by more people. In this noisy, fast and bizarre world, she is a clear stream, allowing more people to know about traditional culture. What is Li Ziqi thinking? Watch this interview video reaction and walk into Li Ziqi’s inner world together. ?? Youtube: British Jack?? Station B: British Jack?? Weibo: British_Jack?? Douyin/Watermelon: British Jack Follow here: =1 ? Take a look at the latest videos: #李子柒# #interview# #外人看中国# .

What do you think?


  1. Although her videos seldom speak, the reason why they are liked by overseas netizens is that the simple life in the folk villages can better experience the Chinese folk customs and the cultural heritage of China. And these seemingly simple and simple rural daily life is also living in the place that the busy office workers in the metropolis yearn for. Everyone watching her video can relax themselves on a spiritual level.

  2. I was enjoying your commentary up until the moment you said " ….Lord knows what she'll do when the time comes when her grandma passes away……" I couldn't fight back my tears…….

  3. 想知真正內幕,有一部”江湖局中局”影片曝料李子柒被資本家挖了坑,以致她變成資本家賺錢的工具人,所以子柒暫停視頻而須面對公堂

  4. 文化被经济绑架了,这也是中国政府为什么要打击一些商业组织,一些商业膨胀后,眼里只有钱,开始以为自己是老大,因为世人不一定都追求钱, 但是人们都需要钱,商业就开始打压他人或者其它小的同行,本来经济与文化要相辅相成才对,直到政府看不下去,开始下场,这也是中国体制才特有的吧

  5. 舅舅 means mum's brother, it is different with 叔叔,in chinese 叔叔 means dad's brothers or other older people, but 舅舅 only means mum's brothers.

  6. Yup, no one truly can do business in China all right. There’s no freedom for people with over popularity or billionaires, unless they let the political parties do what they want.
    Her last message was ‘I already called the police. Capital is a great tool.’ This message was deleted almost immediately. Soon after that she disappeared. No one know where she went.

  7. 你们真的不知道发生什么了嘛?她跟公司出现了纠纷,目前正在打官司,她提告了公司,然后现在公司财产被法院冻结,等着判决结果吧!

  8. all her vdeos from the beginning until July 207 were made solely by her. Some where in mid 2016, the uniqueness of vdeo caught the attention of weinian CEO ( Liu tm). he sent over 15 emails asking her to let him be her agent She ignored him thinking he must be a conman.
    He then went to Mianyang (near her place) seeking a meeting with her. but he knew ,if alone, she was unlikely to agree. He took his wife along to improve his chances his tactic worked
    In her letter 0f 2017, Liziqi wrote ;" he always praise n respected his wife…I felt not nice to refuse ,as they came a long way from Hanzou…."
    From that meeting onwards Liu managed to tricked her into trusting him, which eventually led to their " joint venture co. "
    n that eventually led to today's law suit against weinian for breach of trust.

  9. She is stopping doing any more videos because her production and business team is riping her off. She is in the process of taking them to court. I saw another video on why she has stopped posting for now as a protest.
    She used to be solo. It became too difficult,so she employed someone to help her. She became so big. In business and u tube . People are taking advantage of her. I must say she was very authentic in the beginning. Now I think it is hard for her. Too many people is involved. I am also a big fan.
    She is a millionaire now. Good for her.

  10. She does have a small team, like what she had disclosed in one of her interviews, of an assistant helping in some of her preparation works and 1 or 2 camera man who are helping her filming her works. That's all to it.

  11. Her lips quivering at 15.48, i think is an expression of her being touched by her foreign viewers sending her chinese new year greetings in their own ways.

  12. 不要担心,央视新闻出来挺她了!黑心资本想完全控制李子柒,剥夺她的知识产权和利益,相信法律最后还她一个公正。

  13. 對中國古代文化的興趣及現代人物的善意,杰克的君子風範值得我們學習

  14. The fact that the Central Television Station did this interview is actually backing he up with her fight with the company that is trying to take atvantage of her, big time.

  15. She is a founder and creator nobody could able to copy what she did. . She had her own personality , innovative , ideas, new dish structure and much much more . No worry , supporters all around the world stand with you, you are not lonely…
    加油, 加油 ???????☺️☺️☺️???

  16. I believe Liziqi is her pseudonym. Just like JK Rowling is her pseudonym. If JK Rowling changes her pseudonym will Harry Potter be any different. I am just playing this in my mind, I am no legal expert.

  17. 李子柒後來被合夥人的團隊給控制,甚至她的帳號,商號等都被商業包裝,但所有的利益卻是合夥財團所佔據,李子柒卻變成公司財團的商品,她太單純了,缺少法律知識,她自己的智慧財產權被別人給竊奪去了,她只是幫財團賺錢

  18. 况且我们都知道,李子柒是在成名后才有人找她合作的,在这之前,从构思到拍摄,再到视频剪辑和后期制作,整个团队就只有她一个人。

  19. 那些质疑和嫉妒李子柒的人,不如你们来试试如何,全盘照抄就好,可你确定你真能发光发亮吗??