Li Ziqi, Ono in the office, and the younger brother in West Yunnan lead the ranking data visualization of YouTube’s top ten Chinese influencer channel subscriptions

Li Ziqi, Ono in the office, and the younger brother from West Yunnan lead the ranking of YouTube’s top ten Chinese influencer channel subscriptions. Data visualization chapter tips: 00:00 Note 00:16 Data visualization: channel subscription statistics 01:20 Data visualization: total channel viewing Statistics 02:27 Graphic: Channel data summary 1-Li Ziqi-Channel subscriptions: 11 million 2-Office Xiaoye-Channel subscriptions: 9 million 3-Dianxi brother-Channel subscriptions: 5.32 million 4-This group TGOP-Channel subscriptions: 3.26 million 5-Lao Gao and Xiaomo-Channel subscriptions: 3.04 million 6-Adi English-Channel subscriptions: 2.61 million 7-Emi Wong-Channel subscriptions: 2.52 million 8-Cai A Ga-Channel subscriptions: 2.44 million 9-Ah Shen-Channel subscriptions: 2.34 million 10-Massive CROWD-Channel subscriptions: 1.94 million! Note * Unofficial data sources: YouTube, Socialblade Animation production: flourish data is collected with unofficial crawlers, the accuracy and accuracy of the data cannot be guaranteed. The information is for reference only * Due to the creation time of most channels and the release of the first video of the channel Data with different dates starts from the release date of the first video. Statistics for this issue does not include satellite channels, music channels, singer channels and children’s channels (if you find any missing channels, please leave a message to add) Chinese with the most YouTube subscription What is the music channel? * Welcome to subscribe to this channel * Welcome to subscribe to my personal channel Track: TOKYO MACHINE & Guy Arthur-GET UP [NCS Release]
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