li ziqi of Vietnam cooking chicken

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This channel mainly collects various kinds of gourmet production videos, I hope you can enjoy them
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  1. 画面毫无美感,李子柒的成功主要在于她生活中方方面面的艺术美感

  2. 有人能模仿李子柒,说明李子柒真的是大火了,谁心里都有个明星梦

  3. 什么都敢抄 李子柒是中国人,难不成你要移民去中国模仿 而且李子柒的的审美没有那么低,红配绿

  4. 如果是模仿的话。。这也太拙劣了,完全看不出李子柒的影子

  5. 盗版就算了,这货根本不会啊,一看手法就很生,像我第一天学烧菜的感觉

  6. you can create your own style which is similar to Li Ziqi from China, but why did you steal Ziqi and her grandmother's photo and put it on your first page. Don't Youtube allow you to do that? what a shame!

  7. 模仿得太粗糙了,使用的工具也很劣质,李子柒的视频绝对不会出现红配绿的搭配😂😂

  8. 这个铲子难道是洛阳铲改造的?你在帮中国宣传中国文化。