Li ziqi miracle of popularity is a butterfly effect

Believe or not, any miracle has invisible spiritual backup.

Notes about this video, I want to be transparent about what happened yesterday: Li ziqi started to make videos by herself, then three people, now she has a team of commercial operation. Yesterday I uploaded a video commenting on her butterfly effect, but shortly my video was blocked by her team, because the small clips showing ” mapo tofu “, which is their copyright. This is a video of opinion and analysis, and we are allowed to use online sources as part of presentation to help understand a different view or interpretation. Due to that unexpected copyright block, I re-made this video with lots of my footage and other clips, sharing on my channel a second time. .

What do you think?


  1. Li ziqi started by herself, then 3 people, now she has a big team of commercial operation. I think they went after her when she became popular. Yesterday I uploaded a video commenting on her miracle of butterfly effect, but shortly was blocked by her team, because a small 45-second clip of "mapo tofu" shown on the TV frame of my video was their copyright. I already recorded my 11- minute long narratives, so I deleted the old video and re-made it with lots of my own footage and other free clips, sharing it here the 2nd time. I could not believe they would use a 45-second small framed clips to block my 11-minute video. This observation and commentary is about a world-wide public figure, not a private Chinese citizen, and we are definitely allowed to use a small version of her online sources to help make our perspectives understood. I watched about 15 of Liziqi videos, wanting to share my analysis as objective as possible. I feel sorry about what happened yesterday, and want to make it transparent to public and to her fans. I like Li ziqi, but I hope that she will put the windfall money on charity, and her team of operation acts like the beautiful portrait of her videos, serving the world with a peaceful and generous spirit.

  2. great share
    enjoy watching here understanding your history
    im glad to be here and check you out
    have great day enjoy stay in touch

  3. In essence Li Zigi built up her fortune and successes from the bottom. And once she regained her popularity, the money followed her. After that, more menpower was coming for help, turned into prof. commercial team and so forth.

    Good luck for her fame and successes, and all others who want to follow her path, just do it. But remember, success and fame ain't for every one.

    Yes, it will be great if she may share some portion of her great fortune with those unfortunate in mainland China, esp. in helping in education sector,,,, any young poor yet with good spirit, diligent, healthy and possess intelligence to pursue hopeful lives, people like that deserve to be given opportunity to pursue the better tomorrow!

    My wife is enjoying watching her many videos, I just watch quite a few the cooking topic 🙂 but she's truly good at doing cooking and its preparations and other skill works. Surely she was not raised up in big city. No way a big city girl can do what Li Ziqi does at such skillful level!!!

    @jun888, sorry for your inconvenience being blocked, some one from the team might have over reacted. I think if Li Ziqi knows your genuine intention into making this opinion & analysis peace, she won't be that little hearted to take issue with the legitimate small clip inclusion. Youtube also has its own fault to facilitate such blocking request without checking.

  4. Definitely she is an idol ❤️,she knows nature well and how to use nature for creating more beauty , very well talented and calm girl