Li Ziqi Liziqi appeared on CCTV news, Bai Yansong commented on Li Ziqi like this–“News Weekly”

Recently, “Is Li Ziqi cultural output” has been much discussed. Li Ziqi, born in the 90s, has become a hit overseas. Her works show a large number of Chinese rural scenes and ancient elements, which are deeply loved by overseas netizens. Some people think that she embodies people’s yearning for pastoral life, while others question the authenticity of the video and so on. On the evening of December 14, the host Bai Yansong commented on the “Li Ziqi Phenomenon” in the “News Weekly” program of CCTV News Channel. Bai Yansong: This week, there are more articles about the Internet celebrity Li Ziqi. A woman makes a variety of delicacies in a poetic pastoral setting, and lives in an enviable way. Not only has she attracted the attention of Chinese netizens, she has even gone to the world. Of course, there are many popular rights and wrongs, and all kinds of questions are also coming. But calm down a little bit, praise should be: Li Ziqi did not use the resources of the national government, not only did not lose money, but also made money, how great! Bai Yansong: In the next dissemination to the world, there are no slogans, but there are impressive tastes. It has won the word-of-mouth feedback from specific netizens one after another, which is worth learning. Bai Yansong: Next, some people say “possessed, fake, clean selection”, but in addition to documentaries, most of the movies are fake, but it does not prevent people from being touched and really liked. Do you want Li Ziqi’s small videos to be flawless? Therefore, too high evaluation, or too low questioning is not necessarily correct, smiling and applauding is the best. Bai Yansong: It’s not that there are so many problems with Li Ziqi, but that there are too few Li Ziqi. If we come from the folks and really go to the world, from one to dozens, to hundreds of thousands, then the Chinese story will really be told. .

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