Li Zi Qi’s Early video|Li Zi Qi’s Early video

I remember that every year before the New Year, there is an old man in a military coat who visits every family to pop popcorn, and wherever he goes, he will attract a bunch of ghosts to watch…Time has changed…This time I use a simple method to make popcorn. The kind of rice candy that I had eaten when I was a child, my grandfather was always reluctant to eat it and leave it to me…There are only peanuts in it, which is fragrant and crispy…I remember that every end of each year, an old man in a military coat went to the countryside to give popcorn to every house. Everywhere he went, he would attract a group of spectators … Times changed … This time, I made popcorn in a simple way. The kind of rice candy that I ate when I was a kid, my grandpa used to leave it to me … It only had peanuts in it, it was crispy and crispy ….

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  1. ilove your video so dearly thats why i cant sleep, watching your video. bye liziqi iloveyou takecare of yourself and also your lola. ciao