Today I headed to Jiaozi BKK in Bangkok to eat an absolute feast of noodles, crispy duck pancakes, fried rice, Chinese dumplings, dumplings and more dumplings!

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This is one of the only places I personally know that sells Peking duck pancakes in Bangkok and they are VERY good! The dumplings are all handmade daily and are a match made in heaven with the dan dan sauce.

Jiaozi BKK owner Jan fell in love with Jiaozi while she was working in Beijing, China so she set out to learn how to make the perfect dumplings and bring them back to Bangkok.

Timestamps in case you want to skip to a specific dish:
00:00 intro
01:00 Suan là fen
02:41 Fried Spinach Dumplings in Pesto Sauce
04:45 Boiled pork dumplings
06:00 Málà Sechuan Dumplings
07:25 Jiaozi Fried Rice
08:57 Peking Duck Pancakes
11:00 Dipping Station

Today I ordered:

Boiled pork dumplings: 85 THB

Málà Sechuan Dumplings: 95 THB

Fried Spinach Dumplings in Pesto Sauce: 125 THB

Jiaozi Fried Rice: 95 THB

Suan là fen: 125 THB

Peking Duck Pancakes: 285 THB

Directions and opening times for the restaurant:

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What do you think?


  1. Garry you hit the jackpot. I love Jiaoza. For some reason i cant get the map directions working? Does anyone have a similar problem or is it just me?
    Garry how far is it from Aim House?

  2. Hi, Gary! I feel sorry for you,because of your dipping sauce issue 😉but same time its nice to notice that this kind of things happens some one else too😅 iam not only one😉 Very nice place almoust fine dining but street food prices.

  3. Was chuckling as I saw the big dipping station sign in the background! Did you like the second dumplings? They looked legit.
    Another good video mate!