Learn Chinese for beginners: Chinese Food Vocabulary – Easy Chinese Lesson 2

Learn common & useful food vocabulary in Chinese with example sentences! Expand your Chinese vocabulary and talk about Chinese food with confidence.
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This lesson is designed for absolute beginners and learners who want to expand their Chinese vocabulary. Try to repeat after the teacher so that you can memorize the words better, and practice your pronunciation as well.
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  1. Hi there,
    Can you answer me: 你最喜欢吃的食物是什么?
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  2. 你好 我是泰国人 我一月学习中文 很喜欢你的 channel 这个帮我很多 谢谢 老师

  3. This is great. If the English translation was much smaller and not right in the middle then it would be better. If the English translation were only in (closed captions) then the viewer could choose to turn it off if they wanted, and it would be perfect.

  4. greasy, tired, oily, meticulous


    greasy, lubricious, oily, slick, slimy, slithery




    founderous, greasy, miry, muddy, slimy, sloppy


    fat, fatty, greasy, oily, oleaginous, pinguid

  5. An excellent compilation of common Chinese words describing various types of food. Your beautiful presentation leaves other channels far behind you.

  6. I am pakistani I love you chaina