Korean 5x Spicy Fire Dumpling Challenge

You guys know I love Korean fire sauce so here we are again! This time it’s 5x packs on dumplings 😀


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What do you think?


  1. I think i am in love………with some of your spicey foods !!!!
    Going to have to give these dumplings a try 🙂

  2. Come fai ad essere così magra con tutto quello che ti mangi?non è che poi ti infili un dito in gola e lo vomiti?

  3. do you thow up after eating all? I mean, in every challenge of yours… so much food and you are way way too skinny!!!!

  4. So I have a question or two. You own your own restaurant. Your going to college (?) for medical (?) Pray tell plz. What is your age?? I honestly do love you food challenges and watching you. I think your amazing. Does your parents live with you or do you live with them? I guess that makes it 4 questions. Lol. Thank you in advance.

  5. I went to Ross the other day and got myself the last 6 packets of fire noodles ? I'm making myself one rn, I'm truly salivating ?

  6. Congrats on where you'll be working! It's always nice to be close to home ? once again you rocked that challenge! Probably because your Super Girl ?

  7. When you get older you WILL have some bad health problems no matter how much you take care of yourself the human body is not made to eat like this