Kopi na Muthiya – Steamed Cabbage Dumplings – Gastro Guru – Recipe # 156

My Delicious Steamed Cabbage Muthiya (Dumpling) recipe for you! Shredded cabbage, wheat and gram-chickpeas flour mixed together with spices. This dough is then made into logs and steamed.
Once cooked these are cut into medallions, stir fried & browned!
So Delicious! See complete recipe below:

Kobi na Muthiya/Steamed Cabbage Dumpling Recipe
Ingredients for making Muthiya
1/2 cabbage – shredded
1cup wheat flour
1/2 cup gram (chick peas) four
1TBSP veg. oil
1 TBSP Cumin-Coriander powder mix
1 TSP red chili powder
1 TBSP ginger-green chili paste
1/4 TSP garam-masala – optional
salt to taste
water to build dough if needed

Ingredients for Stir Frying:
Steamed Kobi Muthiya/Cabbage Dumpling
3 TBSP veg.oil
1 TBSP Mustard seeds
Pinch of Asafoetida/Hing
8 curry leaves
1 TBSP sesame seeds
1/4 TSP red chili powder
Fresh Cilantro for garnished – chopped

Build Muthiya dough by adding ingredients listed for it in a mixing bowl
Once the dough is ready, grease your hand with oil and create 4 logs
Fill steamer with some water and layer muthiya logs on steaming tray
Cover steamer with lid and steam for 20 minutes on high stove setting
Carefully open lid and remove Kobi Muthiya, set aside to cool off for 5 mins
Now cut steamed muthiya logs into medallions
In a wok or pan add 3 TBSP veg.oil.
Once oil is hot add mustard seeds.
As soon as they start popping add asafoetida/hing
Next add curry leaves, red chili powder & sesame seeds
Quickly add muthiya medallions and stir fry until golden brown
Wallah! Your delicious Kobi Muthiya/Cabbage Dumpling dish is ready!
Bon Appetit!
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