John McCauley of Deer Tick – Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant (Rollo & Grady Sessions)

John McCauley performs “Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant” for Rollo & Grady Sessions on November 2, 2011.
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  1. I was thrown out with the trash at 16 and left on the street, and this song comes all too reminiscent.. Takes a character to write such a song so whoever said that can eat Shit and die slow.

  2. John McCauley is the fucking man… the only thing that worries me is that he's 27 now. Please don't join that club!

  3. You know unlike a ton of very unique melodies he's written, I just feel like this ones lacking a little bit of character. I don't know maybe I only like Bing Crosby Christmas albums

  4. So happy to find a full version, though I love the one from the Cape too, this is GREAT ! THANK YOU!