Jason Alexander’s Seinfeld ‘Chinese Restaurant Episode’ Story

Jason talks at a Write LA event about the table read for that episode, and what it taught him about understanding your creative strengths and sticking to them!
He’s speaking with Tim Schildberger – Co-Founder of Write LA.

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  1. Seinfeld got me through the pandemic… funny even now after watching each episode atleast a dozen times. Priceless!!

  2. I find it strange the Chinese Restaurant episode is so popular. It's one my least favourites.

  3. Alexander is such a great actor and voice actor. I lived him in Duckman. Full episodes are on YouTube.

  4. The ‘Chinese Restaurant Episode’ is maybe the most unfunny episode in not only the Seinfeld franchise, but in TV comedy period.

  5. Just think of the endless possibilities had he actually been Cartwright.

  6. Larry David was always borderline horrified when the show kept getting renewed; each time he had no idea how he was going to come up with another eight or twelve or twenty episodes.

  7. I never watched a full episode of Seinfeld…it never sunk in…My wife got Netflix …I can’t stop watching, Jason was just amazing on it! The show is virtually about nothing ..I’m up to season Five, just fantastic !

  8. This guy was the best on Seinfeld…So under rated …Chinese Restaurant was a Great Episode

  9. Jason is a great raconteur. He's entertaining and informative and I always love listening to him.

  10. So glad he had that moment. It's still the only show that will make me laugh out loud.

  11. That's how Mel Brooks worked. He wrote what was funny to him. No test audiences, no focus groups, no second guessing.

  12. This is the first episode of Seinfeld I remember seeing with my parents. It is so good. I grew up sitting in restaurant waiting rooms just about every other day and its such a relatable experience

  13. My favorite episode, actually. Not because of the plot(or lack of), I just really love James Hong.

  14. And its the second best episode of the show… Haha second only to the almost identically stupid carpark episode

  15. The whole show was absolutely one of the best (Jerry, the best) but I have to say the Chinese resto episode was the worst one – seemed a bit lazy TBH.

  16. It wasn’t episode 6 of the first season it was episode 11 of the second season … !!!! Your memory is like a sieve Jason Alexander !!!!

  17. I believe this script could've been a Burns & Allen show very easily. So I'm not buying this-it has no meaning or plot.

  18. ……..well they didnt say we COULDNT do it.. lol this is such a funny story. glad i clicked on this one.

  19. Omg please guys start up Seinfeld again.. You have no idea how many times I replay sienfeld.. Please I'm begging you guys. I'm begging I'm on my knees start sienfeld again. You guys are hilarious and it's help us all happy during these covid and omicron depression lock down times.

  20. The show's concept is fantastic, but in my opinion the actors' performances are what determined it's success. The characters are SO good ! !

  21. I'm surprised they got past the first season or two because the early episodes were really boring, which is scary because for me Seinfeld is almost a religion.

  22. Jason looks great here. He needs to keep that goatee! I love how Jason threw in petard. Very Shakespearean of him. : )