Japanese Hot Pot! Sukiyaki and Tonkotsu at Mo-Mo Paradise (Shabu Shabu)

Thank you Mo-Mo Paradise for the gifted meal! Plus, their servers are super kind ?
Mo-Mo Paradise: 21641 S Western Ave Unit A, Torrance, CA 90501

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  1. Is it considered rude or inconsiderate to eat vietnamese food with a fork? I'm asking because the food looks so good but I cant eat with chopsticks to save my life haha!

  2. Pleeeease you wanna try pupusas…it's a corn or rice stuffed tortilla with pulled pork meat called chicharron with cheese and bean paste ( not sweet one). It's suuper yummy. This is a traditional dish from El Salvador Central America.

  3. My Grandma used to make a hot pot, Mexican version it was rarely made but so good. We had boiled eggs, not pasteurized ones, and she'd leave the bones in the pot, I used to put Panela into it as well as Tostadas.