Jack uses Li Ziqi’s hot pot video to soothe the British Chinese stomach!

The hot pot was gurgling, and Jack’s heart was thumping. Hot pot in winter is a good medicine to feed the body and soul. Jack took his mother to watch Li Ziqi’s hot pot video together. After recording this video, go straight to the kitchen to cook a pot and eat the link to the original video – ?? Youtube: British Jack ?? B station: British Jack ?? Weibo: UK_ Jack ?? TikTok/Watermelon: UK Jack Follow here: ? Check out the latest video: channel/UCeoBxdHqSiFxtSXW_dyVP8Q/videos #李子柒#hotpot#food .

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  1. 謝謝你上傳李子柒的視頻,好懷念李子柒的視頻,充滿古風的畫面和寧靜的音樂十分療愈,但她勤勞的工作又十分鼓勵人心。

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