It’s Dumpling Time! It’s Make Chinese Calabash Dumplings (recipe) Time! It’s Make Chinese Calabash Dumplings (recipe) Time! When mature, it can be used as a hand twist. When it is fresh and tender, it can be made delicious, making dumplings more refreshing and sweet.

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  2. Too funny. Poor kittens, it’s bath day. I’m watching this after having bathed our cats after a long winter of no baths.

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  4. Felicitaciones por el video muy bonito y muy bonita tu casa. ❤❤😘👸🐹🐹

  5. the scientific name of that pumpkin is Lagenaria siceraria, in Spain we do not eat them, we let them dry and we use them as a container

  6. Very nice video👍🏼👍🏼
    I love how you take such great care of your animals

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  8. I love seeing the kittens in every video. They're so cute🤗😍😻 Love your channel. Keep up the great content 💜😷✌🏼️🌷