Is Speedy Drunk?! – New PlateUp Dumpling Update

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  1. Yo Speedy life has been crazy lately for me and I haven’t really had time for The Crew. The last 3 months or so are the least amount of Crew I’ve watched in a decade, not even exaggerating. Just wanted to say I love you guys and keep doing your thing! This video was great. ❤

  2. I’m gonna be real here cause sides dumpling comment made me think of this. Costco has frozen vegetable spring rolls that u heat up in the oven, they are FIRE so fucking good

  3. There’s no way side and Steph have been together for 6 years! I was watching before they were together and there’s no way it’s been 6 years already! That’s awesome! I remember all the virgin jokes like they were yesterday 😂