Introducing Juicy Chinese Dumplings From Sunshine Foods

Introducing Juicy Chinese Dumplings From Sunshine Foods

Do you LOVE Asian style dumplings? Whether they’re steamed, boiled or pan fried, dumplings always deliver, with that beautiful combination of doughy dumpling casing and tasty filling, a favourite in many restaurants world wide! But what does it take to have that same delicious experience at home?

Introducing Sunshine Foods Juicy Chinese Dumplings!
Sunshine Foods is a 100% NZ owned and popular brand of authentic frozen dumplings sold in over 100 local supermarkets and restaurants, including Pak’n Save and New World stores. But the story behind this brand is TRULY AMAZING!

Cook these dumplings straight from frozen.
They can be pan fried, boiled or steamed.

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Join Monique Bradley and discover how easy it is to cook Juicy Chinese Dumplings from New Zealand’s highest rated dumpling manufacturer, Sunshine Food Limited. .

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