If eggplant wants to absorb less oil and taste good, you have to learn the authentic northeast burnt eggplant, the next meal for Chinese New Year, burnt eggplant recipes, burnt eggplant

Support the old Northeast to join the channel membership: If you like my video, remember to subscribe, like, comment, share, thank you for your support, if eggplant wants to absorb less oil and taste good, also I have to learn the authentic Northeastern roasted eggplant, the next meal for the Chinese New Year, burnt eggplant recipes, and more exciting videos of roasting eggplant here?? If you like the old Northeastern cuisine, you can click: ? https:// If eggplants want to absorb less oil and taste good, they have to learn the authentic northeastern roasted eggplants and eat them for Chinese New Year. Eggplant, burnt eggplant, local three fresh, braised eggplant, fried eggplant, stewed eggplant, fried eggplant, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve, recipe, recipe, stir-fry, cooking, cooking skills, cooking, gourmet tutorial, home cooking, vegetarian dishes, special dishes , Food, next meals, snacks, Northeastern cuisine, Shandong cuisine. 【Old Northeastern Cuisine】、,Northeastern Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine Subtitel English please ??????? There are subtitles – just click on the icon next to the settings icon Share life, share food! come on! An experienced chef from the Northeast who has been an experienced chef for more than 40 years teaches you how to cook #OLDNortheastern Cuisine#bestChinesefoods #Authentic Northeastern Cuisine【Vegetarian?】 【Chicken, Duck, Fish and Meat Series? 】 【Pork, pork belly series?】 【Cakes, good for breakfast?】 【Pastry, sweets? 】 【Staple food?】 【Homemade snacks?】 【Seafood?】 【Secret soup ?][Cold dishes series?][Homemade sauces, super rice][Vegetable and fruit carving ideas] Subscribe for more awesome Chinese recipes: Are you a foodie Craving Chinese food? Look no further. Here we have the best Chinese recipes, prepared by award-winning chefs to showcase authentic, traditional Chinese cooking. Whether you want to know how to make Chinese dishes at home, or learn how to master cooking with a wok, we’ve got you covered. The 10 most famous dishes in the Northeast, the last one is the most authentic only in the Northeast! Pot-wrapped meat, local three fresh meat, boiled white meat, ancient pineapple meat, dried tofu with sharp peppers, slivers of pork, slaughtered pork dishes, stewed fish in Demoli, all in one pot from the farmhouse. Put spare ribs, beans, potato pieces, and cornmeal pancakes around the iron pan. The ingredients are very rich, and the taste is the same. The beans are green and green, but not too rotten. The potato pieces have been stewed without any edges and corners. It melts in the mouth, and the ribs that absorb the aroma of green vegetables taste good. The video has both Chinese and English subtitles, so that more people from different places can understand the teaching of cooking. #ChineseandEnglishdoublecaption (Chinese and English dual subtitles) Subtitles in more than 20 languages ​​​​( English chinese food, German chinese food , French chinese food, Malay chinese food, Filipino chinese food, Hindi chinese food, Urdu chinese food, etc.) will be provided for everyone to watch and learn how to make food. (Chinese and English dual subtitles) Subtitles in over 20 languages ​​(English, German, French, Malay, Filipino, Hindi, Urdu, etc.) will Available for all to watch and learn how to make food. .

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  1. 油炸食品好吃,只是不健康,经常得忌嘴这些食物。希望老师傅多展示一些蒸,煮和炖的家常菜。

  2. 不是说,油炸前,用水泡10分钟?和放一小勺淀粉吗??难道师傅忘记了那二步??

  3. 烧茄子的英文是Fried Eggplants.